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You Got This: Dealing with the Impossible Part 1
Have you had someone or something in your life that keeps bringing you down? Let’s change the situation and unearth the gift of you beyond this reality. Listen as Dr. Dain walks you to the possibility of you having your magic wand available to change anything.

$20.00 USD

You Got This: Dealing with the Impossible Part 2
Impossible or possibility? What if this thing that you’ve been experiencing is actually an amazing gift? This audio is a deeper dive into having peace even in the midst of the most intense trauma and drama.

$40.00 USD

You Got This: Too Much to Do (51 min)
Stop the madness, stress and overwhelm and leap into a reality of possibilities where no matter how long your ‘to-do’ list is, there is ease and relaxation available!

$85.00 USD

You Got This: Dealing with Needy People, Even When It's You (51 min)
Welcome to a very different conversation about NEED!

We are calling it a “class in a box”. It’s a life altering 50 minutes with Dr. Dain Heer unwinding you from being the effect of needy people .... even if it’s you.

After listening to this... you’ll have access to the brilliance of the space beyond need.

$100.00 USD