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"Working With Data In SwiftUI Is Confusing!"
I hear you! That's why I made a guide to show you the right path.

I was just like you. Confused, lost, didn't know what to use when and then saw really weird things happen in my apps.

You Will Have Problems
You're probably handling data incorrectly in SwiftUI which is leading to:
  • Lost data
  • Screens resetting
  • State lost
  • Navigation doing weird things
  • Animations doing weird things
This is all caused by handling data badly.
I have not come across a new SwiftUI developer who has not had these problems and confusion.

"Someone just tell me when to use @StateObject!"
@StateObject instead of @State?
But what about @ObservedObject? Where does that fit into all of this?

How do you know what to choose?

Introducing: Working with Data in SwiftUI
Organize your options. Learn best practices.
When you're done, you'll gain the judgment to know what to use where.

Working with Data in SwiftUI
  • Bindings explained
  • Video examples
  • Code samples
  • Preview solutions
  • Peace, Love, & Happiness

Some of the Things You'll Learn:

The Right Way to Pass Data

Gain the confidence that you know the right way and the wrong ways to pass data to child views or subviews.

Finally, Previews with Data!
Sometimes we skip previews because we can't figure out how to pass data into our views or mock out data.
In every chapter, you will learn how to finally preview your views WITH data.
No more guessing what your views will look like with data.

Learn with Diagrams
Learning about just data can be tough.
How would you like diagrams to help you learn concepts and reinforce what the code is showing?
You have a much higher chance of remembering a picture than just a bunch of code.

Make Data Available to Only the Views That Need It
Keep your project organized and learn specific ways to limit which views see which data.
  • Should only one view get data?
  • What about every child view under one parent view?
  • Do you need globally accessible data?

Data Persistence
  • Do you want data to disappear when you leave a view?
  • When you leave the app?
  • Or to persist after the app is closed?
Learn about all your choices in this book!

Get "Working with Data in SwiftUI" Today!
Finally, understand how all the data-handling property wrappers work in SwiftUI and create stability in your app.
Be confident in your use of data in SwiftUI with this book that you will surely use for every SwiftUI project you work on in the future.

BONUS! The Companion Xcode Project
  • Organized to match the chapters of the book
  • View and run specific examples
  • Model your code after this code
  • Quickly implement patterns and best practices