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We invite moderators


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Dear potential moderators! We invite you to become a part of our close-knit team.

To become a moderator, you need to submit a request in this section.

1.1 Registration on the forum is 30 days.
1.2 Knowledge of the club rules.
1.3 The ability to create and design folds in accordance with the rules of the forum.
1.4 Be an active organizer for 2 months.
1.5 If you are not the organizer, your application can be considered after a trial period of 2 weeks, but subject to the fulfillment of point number 1.

2.1 The organizational percentage is 60%.
2.2 The ability to accept contributions without using your own wallets (via the balance on the site).
2.3 A quick opportunity to become a moderator without excessive requirements.
2.4 The possibility of individual conditions, if you are ready to work hard and fruitfully.
2.5 We don't care about your story.

3.1 Knowledge of the rules of our resource.
3.2 Courtesy, responsiveness and hard work.
3.3 Submission of reports on time.
3.4 Creation and design of folds strictly according to the form.
3.5 Answers to questions from storekeepers about your topic and your sections.
3.6 Maintaining the health of links.
3.7 Correct and respectful behavior towards storekeepers and organizers.
3.8 Meeting the requirements of the higher-level moderators and the administration.
3.9 Ban on sharing materials with other organizers.
3.10 Restore links on request within 3 days.
3.11 If there is no material, exit the org at the request of other moderators.
3.12 Ban on multiaccount.
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