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Recruitment Unique service for rewriting articles and texts [spinrewriter.com] [for the year]

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Type of purchase: Collaborative
Price: 175 USD
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Organizer: Zeus Zeus
Status: A set of participants
Payment: 12.1 USD
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spinrewriter is a service for rewriting articles and text. An important difference between this service is that it uses ENL technology (when not just looking for synonyms for words, but actually analyzing your entire article and then selecting synonyms based on the meaning of your text). The service is incredibly easy to use, as well as the developers have prepared a video tutorial on how to get started with the service. Spin Rewriter is quite unique in terms of understanding the actual relationships between the individual words of your original article. It understands not only the exact meaning of each word, but also the role that each word plays in the sentence (subject, adverb,...). With this knowledge, Spin Rewriter can completely change the entire structure of most sentences in your article, and at the same time preserve the meaning of the article or sentence.

Price: the tariff plan costs $ 197 per year (now there is a promotion with a 60% discount of $ 77) + organization of access + commission for the transfer
The subscription is for a year