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Ultimate Oxygen Course
Learn Oxygen Builder from the ground up.
Tired of slow, bloated page builders? Can't build exactly what you're dreaming of or what the client is requesting? Oxygen Builder is the answer to all those challenges. This course will teach you to harness the incredible power of Oxygen Builder.

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Who Is This Course For?
If you're a freelancer or designer who builds WordPress websites, but you're tired of bloated, slow, difficult page builders such as Divi, Elementor, WPBakery, etc then this course is for you.

Oxygen Builder's core founding principal is speed optimization and it does an astoundingly good job at it.

If you want to be able to build significantly more complex websites without touching any code at all, this course is for you.

If you want to have control of every single detail of your site including header, footer, plugins pages, and more, this course is for you.

What's In This Course?
Inside the Ultimate Oxygen Course, you will find 60+ individual videos totaling over 5 hours of structured, easy to understand, well spoken tutorials. Lesson topics include:
  • Getting Started (5 Topics)
  • Oxygen Overview (4 Topics)
  • Designing Page Content (9 Topics)
  • Styling Techniques (6 Topics)
  • Feature and Elements (14 Parts)
  • Building a Full Website (10 Topics)
  • Gutenberg (2 Topics)
  • Advanced Custom Fields (4 Topics, More Coming!)
Your Lifetime Deal access also grants you access to all future content updates at no extra charge. We send a quick email when we release course updates or new additions to your membership.
Woocommerce for Oxygen - Learn how to build an e-commerce store using Oxygen and Woocommerce.

Total video count between all courses is currently at around 70 videos between Oxygen, Woocommerce, ACF, and Material Design content.

What You'll Learn
Whether you've never used WordPress before or are looking to convert your existing site to Oxygen, this course will cover everything from install and setup of WordPress and Oxygen to building an entire site, and we'll also cover advanced functionality like how to take advantage of the amazing integrations available with Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types.

Learn the basics of Oxygen starting at installation and templates, which are a key component to structuring and designing your site.

Styling and Design
Harness the incredible features of Oxygen that separate it from other builds such as classes, global colors, stylesheets, mobile responsive settings, and more.

Building a Site
Watch the process of building an example site for a law firm from start to finish. Also included are live streams where we build real sites using Oxygen Builder.
About The Instructor
Jonathan Jernigan
Owner and Found at APEX Web Solutions and Permaslug
Jonathan has been building Oxygen websites professionally since 2016, shortly after its initial release. He has gained a reputation under the Permaslug brand for releasing high-quality, well spoken tutorials with need-to-know information.

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Ultimate Oxygen Course

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