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Collecting funds [udemy] Series 7: General Securities Representative Test Prep Course

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This course prepares you to pass the Series 7 (General Securities Representative).

You can view this course as realistic alternative to paying for hours of tutoring and allows you to pause, rewind, and/or repeat concepts as needed. PLUS, you'll have access to realistic practice questions, final exam and step-by-step demonstrations of how to approach and answer those questions accurately and efficiently.

As a bonus you''ll be able to download cheat sheets in PDF format, that cover the most important concepts you must know for the exam.

Warning: This is an intensive course with 17+ hours of video lectures

Series 7 (General Securities Representative) Prep Course Outline:

  • Section 1. Getting Started at a Broker Dealer
  • Section 2. All About Accounts - Opening, Maintaining and Client Suitability
  • Section 3. Equity Securities, Derivatives, Partnerships and real Estate
  • Section 4. Fixed Income Securities - All About that Debt
  • Section 5. Packaged Securities and Managed Investments
  • Section 6. Trading Markets
  • Section 7. Processing Trades, Key tax Issues and Margin Calculations
  • 7 Practice Quizzes. 10-40 questions
  • Final Exam. Test with 135 questions
  • Bonus: Tips & Tricks before the Exam day
Course includes 7 Sections, 7 Section Quizzes and a Final Exam(135 questions)