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Collecting funds [Udemy] SAFT - Spoken Arabic on Fast Track - Recorded in English

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NOTICE: We provide all our material (Verbs sheets, Noun sheets, Exercises, Workbook) in printable form In two shapes: Transliterated Script (Roman Arabic) for those who cannot read Arabic alphabets & in Arabic script for those who can read Arabic.

SAFT - Our Specialization

When we think about learning Arabic, the first thing that comes to mind is a pile of books and a lot of intensive & complicated grammar rules and even in the end, one can’t even converse in Arabic with peers. This course is specially designed for non-Arabic speakers.

We have developed a mechanism where there are no grammatical complications, specifically for those who do not know how to read Arabic The biggest challenge faced by a non-native of Arabic Language living in Arab countries is that they are unable to express themselves, their responses, their strong personality,

their work & more importantly their feelings Being unable to have words, sentences, to express what we want, who we are, what we like and dislike is a very depressing & frustrating feeling that all non-Arabic speakers feel every now & then What we have developed is very practical so that the learner can easily express his feelings in daily life. All verbs, tenses are ones that are carefully selected for daily use only.

We also have a customized workbook particularly designed from which verbs, tenses, their patterns, prepositions, making sentences and practicing is very easy. The most amazing part of SAFT is that you can apply what you learn in each class from day one!

Why are we confident about our guarantee?

Leaving out the all conventional ways, we have selected a new and right way for success and we make sure the final output with selected material for four segments of language: Listening, speaking, reading & writing. As the target area was short and all energies were encountered only a focus direction, then success becomes possible…

Money Back Guarantee Protects your four concerns

  • All three levels (Beginner/Intermediate/Advance) will be covered in One level (Two Parts)
  • Even three levels are combined; average I.Q. the person can do the course
  • If not able to speak in Arabic after completing the course
  • You do not need any spoken Arabic course after this course
Guaranteed Results

We guarantee the results of this course on the base of our rich experience, unique method and realistic planning. Our method is “Creative Learning” instead of “Conventional Learning”. We do not believe in formal conventional methods of teaching, instead, we believe in learning by heart and in the repetition of sentences, words, and verbs until the learner becomes an expert in pronouncing and creating sentences. Hence, the main goal is learning “Spoken Arabic”.

SAFT is what you are looking for if you want to converse with Arabs! Whatever your profession is…
Whether you are A Diplomat, A member of a Deputation, A Doctor, An Engineer,

An I.T Professional, A Technician, A Lecturer, A Businessman, A Student, A simple Worker or a follower of any career…
SAFT is suitable for age 10 to 60 years

Course Curriculum

  • Basics of Verbs, tenses, particulars & vocabulary
  • Total 400 actions, 50 of them are carefully marked as commonly used
  • Other 350 are less common, however, they are taught & given for homework practice
  • Over 200 particulars, which includes conjunctions, prepositions, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs
  • Over 3000 vocabulary words
  • Workbook is used to understand and exercise all parts of the curriculum in a brief and very easy manner
Why is there a need for this course?

Due to absence of Arabic communication skills, knowledge, accent, sentence formations

You feel:

  • Unable to express your feelings in words
  • Unconfident & left out in all social interactions
  • Frustrated for being unable to answer properly when necessary
  • Unable to portray your strong personality & professional skills
Difference of SAFT from others

  • Not bookish with a lot of books and critical grammar rules – EASY for everyone!
  • Particularly simplified for the non-natives who are not familiar with Arabic by using transliterated lessons
  • Unique… Not available in the market – Not taught at any institution or school
  • Covering the bilingual necessity of daily life in all Arab countries
  • Carefully crafted for daily use, developed over 7 years
  • Semi grammatical without “The Complications”
  • Result oriented teaching style
  • Students range from 10 years to 60 years
  • From day one you can use what you learned, you can immediately use all that is taught or exercised in your routine without any hesitation
  • Students are encouraged to make sentences of their own
How we lead the course

  • We provide lessons in the local Arabic dialect (Amiya)
  • The lessons are transliterated into Roman English
  • Our experience-based course is carefully selected for Daily Life
  • We improve your communication skills for office & other social interactions
  • We build your confidence by making you understand what is being said & discussed around you
  • Our trainer has a history of teaching Westerners and Asians several years in the local market
  • We provide exercises for practicing
  • We develop your understanding of verb mechanism so that you can deliver the right sentences
  • Our workbook is specially designed with unique techniques to help you in self-learning