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Collecting funds [Udemy] Power 800 SAT Math (NEW SAT)

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This course is a one stop shop to prep for the math portion of the new and redesigned SAT. I have spent almost an entire year studying and categorizing all of the math SAT problems given in the College Board's Official SAT Study Guide. Additionally, I have personally solved innumerable practice problems given on the Khan Academy website. Why? Because Khan Academy has officially partnered with the College Board, making their SAT questions highly accurate with respect to authentic SAT math problems.

From the analytics I gathered, I created a specially tailored crash course to educate my students in every single aspect of the SAT math sections.

What separates this course from all the other courses out there is that it is "frequency based." What does that mean? It means you can study smarter, not harder. You can pick and choose topics based on how often they will manifest on the exam. For example, after simply watching videos on the first 2 topics out of 23, "Deriving a Formula" and "Data Analysis," you will be able to cover material that will likely constitute nearly 24% of the exam! For students looking to maximize their efforts and focus primarily on what's most important, this is a one of a kind approach to tackling SAT related topics. Here's what is included:

  • Nearly 700 practice problems specially made to target SAT math critical concepts
  • All necessary rules and operations condensed into just over two hours of Critical Concept lectures
  • Seven hours worth of video content, including explanations of rules along with guided tutorials of detailed practice problems
  • Percentage-based frequency breakdowns of question types
  • Custom made accompanying music to keep the learning environment engaging