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Collecting funds [Udemy] Past Life Regression - Experience Your Spiritual History

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So, what's it all about?

Do you find that you have a profound connection to a certain time period in history? Do you have an affinity for a certain profession, dress style, or a longing for something to happen? Do you have a fear that you don't understand why it makes you so afraid, such as driving, arachnophobia (fear of spiders), ailurophobia (fear of cats), or even anthropophobia (fear of humans)?

These are just a handful of the things you can seek to better understand through past life regression in this course. Many courses are very short and they provide you with verbal directions on how to accomplish a certain goal. The problem is that those courses give you the what, and the how, but they don't give you the EXPERIENCE you seek. The ones that do give you an experience have such short meditation videos that just when you get to the appropriate state, the meditation is over.

I seek to change all of that by giving you meditative videos where one video transitions directly into the next, creating the ultimate meditation adventure that you can use for a weekend vacation right at home. The best part is that when you complete this course, you can take it all over again, and have a completely new journey in another life.

What will you learn in this course?

  1. Past Life Regression
    1. Were you a king, a princess, rock star, viking, wealthy merchant, or peasant?
    2. Are you afraid of driving because of a horrific car crash? Maybe you're afraid of wine because you drank a poisoned glass of wine in a previous life?
    3. When your body dies, you move to the spirit realm where you lead another life there. What does it look like at your level of spiritual evolution when you're in the spirit realm? Are you in Summerland? Perhaps you live at a higher or lower vibrational level and you came here to grow or share your knowledge.
    4. You'll learn a lot about your past lives through self-hypnosis in the comfort of your own home!
  2. Meet your spirit guides
    1. I built this course with the assistance for my own spirit guides to make it more impactful and accurate.
    2. Your spirit guides help you to know yourself and to grow.
    3. Your spirit guides won't fix everything for you, or even help you fix something that would damage your ability to evolve, but they can help you evolve.
    4. In this course, you will ask your spirit guides to walk with you as you remember, and help you to better understand your spiritual history.
  3. Understand your life's purpose
    1. Before you incarnated, you set out your life's goals. Because people forget why they came here in the first place, your spirit guides can help you to remember what you need to do here. It's not always pleasant, as pain brings evolution, but you'll at least know what you need to do in order to finish your mission and go back home.
Please note that this course is a guided meditation, and it has long stretches of binaural beats to help you maintain focus on your adventure. In the meditation portions, there isn't much speech for that reason. I do talk quite a bit at the beginning and the end so you can gain the information you need in order to maximize your adventure, but most of the time you'll be in deep meditation and reliving your past lives, not having your focus divided with also listening to me speak.

Fully Accredited!

Unlike other courses that have you go to a third-party website and pay for a certificate to show you've completed the course, you get your Udemy course certificate right away, for free upon course completion. Why be accredited? No reason. Just like with any course you take, "accreditation" is just a way for companies to get rich off of your wallet. We don't believe you should have to pay for your certificate, and therefore we won't hide the fact from you that you get a Udemy course certificate for free upon completing this course!

Dictionary definition of "Accredit": to provide or send with credentials; designate officially; to make authoritative, creditable, or reputable; sanction.

If you've finished this course successfully, then you're accredited for having completed the course. No need to pay a shyster for an extra certificate. ;) As for the courses claiming you'll be a "fully qualified and professional energy medicine practitioner", please don't buy into those scams. If you could pay $10 and get a medical license after a few hours of work, doctors wouldn't spend a decade in a university, and spend upwards of $100,000 USD to get their license. Be careful out there, and trust your instincts.

IMPORTANT: Please note that I am not a licensed healthcare practitioner of any description, and this course is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure, any health condition or otherwise. This course is for spiritual growth, not medical purposes. If you feel that you have, or may have, a medical condition, please consult the proper licensed healthcare provider. This course uses Binaural Beats, so if you have a condition that makes you have seizures, be sure to contact your doctor before enrolling in this course.