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Collecting funds [udemy] Leadership: Advanced Training for Experienced Managers

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A company’s organizational structure has a significant impact on how well a company performs and how well its employees work together to achieve common goals. As a result, leaders in the 21st century must accommodate themselves to today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. Learn everything you need to know as a manager to lead a healthy, effective team, manage healthy change initiatives in the workplace, and shape corporate culture, in this comprehensive course bundle.

Lead Your Team to Success through Advanced Management Techniques

  • Lead, communicate and motivate your team while developing stronger professional relations.
  • Manage the common challenges faced by leaders in 21st century business.
  • Lead your team through cultural change and sustain employee morale--even through difficult times.
In this course, you will master advanced management techniques to effectively inspire workplace excellence in your team. You will sustain staff motivation through changes in corporate culture and the evolution of your team. Further, you will design and implement a culture of execution in your team to grow intellectual property in your organization.

At the end of this course, you will take your team leadership to the next level with expertise in mentorship, motivation and management of people and ideas.

This course is a bundle of the following LearnSmart courses, and includes comprehensive information for the following topics:

  • Advanced Management Skills
  • Leadership Challenges
  • Mentoring that Matters
  • Leadership Dynamics
  • Keeping Employees Energized
  • Negativity in the Workplace
  • Inspiring Workplace Excellence
  • Turning Ideas into Actions
  • Knowledge Management
  • The Change Process
  • Elements of Change in Business
  • Changes in Corporate Culture
  • Managing Contractors and Temporary Employees
  • Managing Technical Professionals
  • Managing the Development of Technical Professionals