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Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar is the world's best DVD-based guitar course that starts an aspiring guitarist at the beginning and builds to a master level of skill. With the Learn & Master system, you get a true multi-modal learning experience (reading, listening, watching, and doing). This is no "learn overnight" approach, but takes world-class guitar lessons to a more comprehensive level using multimedia training presented by expert instructor, Steve Krenz. This course is designed for those who want serious guitar lessons, learning the principles of reading, guitar tab, music theory, and technique. With Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar you enjoy learning in the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule. We believe that learning should be fun rather than intimidating. You’ll love Steve’s “take you by the hand” approach in Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar.
Для кого этот курс:
  • Our instructor, Steve makes no assumptions from the very beginning of the course. In Session 1, "Starting Off Right," he introduces you to the instrument and begins the process of building your knowledge and confidence. By the end of that session, you'll be well-prepared for the journey you are about to embark upon.
  • Steve wants to make sure you have a solid foundation and are comfortable with your guitar and the terminology. If you are just picking up the guitar for the first time, or have had no real instruction to this point, this is going to be critical in your success. For those who have some knowledge of the instrument and perhaps a little professional training, these fundamental concepts may be too elementary, but we encourage you to watch it so you can get familiar with Steve and his teaching methods.
  • The biggest advantage to using Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar is simply that everything you need to know is laid out in one course... step-by-step, start to finish. There's no need to search for a bunch of different materials while trying to piece together your own training program. The concepts in Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar build upon each other in a logical, step-by-step format so that you never feel lost. If you already have the basics down, just skip right through the first few lessons and then get down to the good stuff.
  • Haven't you messed around long enough? Invest in yourself. Invest in your music. Imagine, in less than a year you can go from where you are now to absolute guitar master, jamming like a true pro in any musical genre. You just provide the guitar and the practice time. Everything else you need is right here!