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Collecting funds [Udemy] FRM Part 1 2021

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Bestselling and Highest Rated FRM Part 1 course on Udemy !

This course is our Training Package 1 (FRM TP1) for FRM Part 1. It covers the topics of all four modules of the FRM Part 1 Curriculum.

The study plan has been structured after very careful analysis, and the topics have been sequenced in such a way so as to systematically link one topic after the other.

Micky has been teaching both Mathematics and Finance for more than 10 years, and with us, you will find that you are able to grab on to the Mathematical part too.

He has a very unique way of teaching using graphs, figures and tables making you visualize all the concepts wherever possible.

Please feel free to ask any doubts in the Q&A section, and the concern will be addressed as soon as possible.