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Collecting funds [udemy] Equity Research & Financial Modeling

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•Financial Modeling is used in various business activities by Investment Banks, Equity Research firms, Credit Rating Agencies, Private Equity/ Venture Capitalist, Banks, Consultancy Firms, Corporate Finance Teams.
•Essence of Financial Modeling is in translating Business Strategy & Operations in realistic numbers considering the impact of Economic, Sectoral & Competitive scenarios
•Financial Modeling requires expertise in Accounting, Economics, Sector Knowledge, Analytics, Excel, Business Strategy
•Equity Research firms provide detailed research & insights into an economy, sector, company which forms basis of investment decisions

• Intro to Equity Research & Financial Modeling
• Economic Analysis & Sectoral Dynamics
• Financial Statement Analysis
• Modeling Drivers - Approaches & Methods
• Building Projections - Revenue & Cost Models, Capex, Loan & Working Capital Forecasting
• Forecasting P&L / CashFlow / Balance Sheet
• Valuation Techniques - DCF, EV/EBITDA, PE Ratio
• Sector Specific Valuations / SOTP Valuation
• Management Dashboards – Sensitivity / Gravity / Football Field Analysis
• Extensive hands on learning
• Industry case studies from Power, Telecom, Auto, E-Commerce industry
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  • Interest in Finance, Financial Modeling, Equity Research, Investment Banking, Project Finance, Credit Rating