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Collecting funds [Udemy] Comprehensive Home Repair and Improvement

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  • How to identify and properly use a range of hand and power tools, and which ones you should own
  • Basic electrical concepts
  • How to work with and install electrical devices such as outlets, switches and fixtures
  • How to add a new circuit breaker to a panel
  • How to pull wire to devices and terminate accordingly
  • Basic framing concepts
  • How to build an interior partition wall
  • How to install insulation
  • How to install, finish and repair drywall
  • How to install an interior door
  • How to install and finish trims such as baseboard and crown molding
  • How to install vinyl flooring
  • How to install wood flooring
  • How to install ceramic tile
  • How to install an epoxy floor coating
  • Plumbing basics
  • How to work with and install plumbing systems using copper, steel, PVC, CPVC and PEX
  • How to install a cabinet, sink and faucet
  • How to install a toilet
  • How to fix leaky plumbing fixtures
  • How to work with and install natural gas piping
  • How to work with and install ductwork
  • How to address several basement water issues
  • How to troubleshoot and/or install several appliances including a garbage disposal, exhaust fan, water heater, furnace, air conditioner, clothes washer & dryer
  • How to replace pieces of wood and vinyl siding
  • How to replace or modify sections of roofing shingles and fix leaks
  • How to properly select and use wall anchors
  • Types of sealants, lubricants and adhesives and when to use each
  • How to navigate code and permitting requirements

  • A desire to learn
  • Various tools and supplies, depending on the project
  • Some time practicing to obtain proficiency
Even if you've never picked up a tool, you can most definitely learn to maintain your own home. Join me as I cover a multitude of topics and teach you home repair and improvement, starting with the basics and progressing into the more advanced. I'll walk you through every step with easy to follow instructions, tutorials and sample projects. After completing this course, you may never need to hire a contractor again!
Для кого этот курс:
  • Anyone who wants to better understand the inner workings of their home
  • Anyone who wants to become more hands-on in their house
  • Anyone gathering the required skills to begin a home improvement project
  • Anyone looking to save money on home repair
  • Anyone who has a house or knows someone who does