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Collecting funds [Udemy] Blender 2.8 Anime Character Creation, for Games

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Organizer: Zeus Zeus
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Every game Asset starts in a 3D software.
So this here is the start, of a small series of courses, to creat fully dynamically,
Cel shaded Anime Character in Blender AND in Unreal Engine 4.

This course includes.
  1. Refrence images for creating our anime base mesh.
  2. 3 Different Eye Shader for easy creation of Anime eyes
  3. A special hair specular shader (the white in anime hairs wich moves depending on the view)
Befor starting this course,
please understand, this is a course that teaches the creation, of dynamically lit anime character for games, with Unreal Engine 4 in mind. After this Course you will have fully dynamic "Cel shading" (anime shadows) on your 3D Character, withing Blender.

This course does NOT include Rigging/Animation nor the implementation into Unreal 4.
Im planing to creat seperat courses for that.

This course will start pretty slow, so even beginner can follow.
You will get a insight into a lot of different sides of blender, not just the basics.
For example we will slightly scratch the surface of cloth physics, to help us a litle bit out.

And i will show you my method of achiving Anime characters in blender, with the use of Unreal Engine 4 in mind.

This "workflow" will allow us to see the same result and Lighting conditions wich we will have in Unreal Engine 4,
wich allows us to tweak our character befor even implementing it.

This is rather important because this will drastically improve the end result.

In this course you will learn,

1. How to download blender

2. How to creat a foulder structur

3. How to set up Blender.

4. How to work with refrence

5. How to set up our new Blender file.

6. How to Creat the Character from Head to toe, including Hair.

7. How to Creat Cloth

8. How to do a Retropology

9. Learn about shading and the material editor (Nodes).

10. How to manipulate shading to match Anime shading.

11. Learn how to UV unwrap

12. How to get always sharp outlines

13. How to controll your shading

If you have any problems/questions, i personally will awnser them and help you solve them.
You can always contact me on my Discord server if you have any questions, or problems related to one of my courses.