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A Course in Miracles Intensive, Description

This is an intensive course for those who are honestly serious about transcending the world (“Ascension”). It consist of a specific curriculum to train the consciousness to think in correspondence to the dimensional perspectives of the Spiritual-Universe. While there are many layers to what you can get out of it, it is intended for this greatest goal, which you are fully capable of achieving this time!

This intended year-long, daily practice gives you a multitude of formats to fully embrace what this course has to offer. While this is an unusual setting for such a course, the journey in which we embark is within. Not within a church, a temple on some mountaintop with a guru or even us, but this journey is within you.

The main essence of this course uses “christian” terminology, however most mainstream religions claiming the name of christ do not claim this to be from the same source. However this course does not intend on spreading worship of any dogmas (which are beautiful in their own right) but the offering of actual first-hand experience of "christ" and "God" (by any definition) and find out the Truth for yourself.

[ Introduction to "A Course in Miracles"

“This is a course in miracles. It is a required (inevitable) course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you may elect what you want to take at a given time. The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s Presence, Which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.

This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the Peace of God.“ ]

While it is very well possible for you to get involved in this course with no previous introduction or experience, you will get out of it as much as your willing to put in it. While many choose to gain the ability to live happy, peaceful, healthy and successful lives, transcendence is entirely possible. However, If you expect to be able to maintain your life structure and transcend it entirely, you have misunderstood what it means to transcend. While the word can be used in many forms of context, to “transcend the world” means to literally leave behind everything you know as physical for an additional experience of this enteral life, in the wholly-spiritual universe. When you do get there, you will be given a choice, to indeed enter this alternate experience permanently or return to share and teach the things you have learned and seen. If you do choose to return, you are a master who can go at anytime. However, even while this is up to your divine purpose as your “free-will” to choose. The purpose of this course to bring you to this decision, while achieving personal-happiness, peace-of-mind and the ability to experience daily miracles along the way.

is a symbolic word of a concept of an achievement which is actually outside of the comprehensive mind to describe in a sufficient context. However in the attempts to describe it to a mind that may be interested; it's process consist of letting the reality of yourself move from one plane of existence to a more liberated one ("higher") which is bound by different universal laws which seem paradoxical from ounce one came. To achieve it is to successfully train the reality of your consciousness, which will make the shift, to think in correspondence to this liberated planes universal laws. It is the most difficult thing for a consciousness whom believes it is a human to complete, for it consist of questioning and changing every core thought and belief you have of the world, yourself and what God is. Essentially the way you believe these things to be, is why you experience the world you do.

Please Understand, this is not one of the many courses on how to use and manipulate the spiritual universe in your favor, however learning such a thing is a natural occurrence when you do this training of the mind to experience it first hand. This course is on training the consciousness to think in correspondence with the natural experience of the Wholly-Spiritual Universe, what you learn from it, is a whole new journey.

Why do the course with Me, Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne? As much as anyone is able to talk a good game and claim anything they want without proof. I am unable to show you the truth for a numerous of reasons. However, understand, I am establishing this course in this fashion so that you can have the first-hand evidence ("proof") of what I have achieved for yourself. You can only be taught as far as the teacher has gone themselves and I am so confident that you will be able to achieve the degree of awakening you honestly desire, through this course for I have been and achieved every degree of it which this "world" could offer including the "escaping" from it. While this may not be your first time through "ACIM", I am confident to say: it could be your last.

- Each of the Twelve (12) parts of this intensive course consist of Thirty (30) Days,
each with six forms of lectures, applicable techniques, readings, prayers and meditations which correspond to each lesson, all ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes long. Including additional content, diagrams, worksheets and conversations every week, to increase the experience and probably of success. In addition, new helpful content that is being added all throughout the year.

This course can be done at your own pace (no more then one lesson a day), any time of the day or night with life-time access which can even be passed down to your children.

There also is a 30-day money back guarantee

when purchased through Udemy.

Including easy access on any mobile device or smart TV

“This course is not ONLY for Peace & Happiness...” ~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

What you get out of this course is more determined by your desires, then it is from the information you will receive. We will teach you to train your mind and what you do with it is entirely up to your choosing. The only thing in the way of you and anything is your detention of yourself. Here are some very practical and abstract ideas which you COULD achieve:

The Practical

  • Happy Living.
  • Perfect Health.
  • Peace of Mind.
  • Personal Mastery.
  • Emotional Mastery.
  • Focused Awareness.
  • Freedom from the Past.
  • Successful Productivity.
  • Manifesting Your Dreams.
  • Freedom From Addictions.
  • Liberation of pain & suffering.
The Abstract

  • Astral Travel.
  • Risen Vibration.
  • Psychic abilities.
  • Physical Healing.
  • Divine Realization.
  • Communicate with God.
  • Master the use of Energy.
  • Braking Any Physical Laws.
  • Experiance the Spiritual Universe.
  • Transcending beyond this Dream-Reality.
  • Ascending the world entirely.

…At Any Case A better Life Is Inevitable!

Few Practical Incentives:

- This course can be done completely anonymously.

- This course can be done at your own pace, as many times as you would like.

- Discounts are available by communication and you own access to it forever.

- Easy access through any computer, smart phone and/or smart tv.

- Access to written Q&A and occasional live Q&A discussions.

- Optional daily email lesson reminders with additional supportive material.

- Udemy offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Application Assistance

While this course seems to share a lot of “facts” of the way the universe is, it is not required though helpful, to comprehend any of it. The purpose is to train your mind to come to the experience truth and find out yourself. This training requires the shifting of perspectives to that which is in correspondence to the actuality of what is to be achieved, therefore there are a few fundamental principles in which can be adhered to for the assisting in achieving it.

This course is based off some very specific principles that we have summed up in this Acronym, “Glory” with two “R’s and an “E” or “Glor-RE”: “G. L. O. R. R. E.” While these things seem to be up for debate, you can learn these things by actual experience and are not expected to completely grasp them intellectually until you do so. However your conscious decision for ascension is not possible till you recognize and admit such truths. (These are not in any specific order of importance, other then coming up with a fun Acronym.)


  • Bring you in touch with your intuition, spiritual guidance, referenced to as the “Holy Spirit” better described as the “Wholly Spiritual Universe”.

  • The core essence of ourselves is best described as the purest form of “love” it is also often referred to as “Christ”

  • The comprehension of these lessons, all revolve around the reality of what we actually are is the same one essence. this becomes easier to grasp with the understanding of the “Dimensions” and that no matter what we have become we are not separate from the totality of the universe.


  • The experience of these lesson revolve around the recognition that everything you see and experience is a extension of your perceptual consciousness, often referenced as a “reflection” of our “mind” much like a dreamer, and everything in their dream.

  • One of the largest humps for most students to get over is the recognition of total Responsibility, what you achieve in this course is based on the degree of how much you accept responsibility for.

  • What you will be recalling when you achieve this course is the vision you had as an eternal being, we emphasize this to join with it’s reality.
The fundamental application of this course can be remembered by this Acronym: F. O. R. The two together is easy to remember; “F. O. R. G. L. O. R. R. E.”


  • We will learn how to let go and free ourselves from the past, the future and everything we believe that holds us back.
Openness / Acceptance

  • We will learn how to apply forgiveness immediately with a true sense of open-mindedness and acceptance of everything we experience.

  • We will lear how to apply forgiveness and acceptance to our moment to such an extent, to literally relax out of our bodies if and whenever we choose.


Each part of this course consists of 29 days of lessons, lectures and extra content. Daily conversations, weekly Q & A discussions and more in-depth teachings are being continually added (even after publishing). If there is any approach that you would like taken to help this teaching process or to participate in the Q&A, please contact me with your ideas and we will see what we can do.

This Course includes required reading of the text book, available in hard and soft cover, MP3 and PDF format (which is provided). This course primarily focuses on the workbook, which applies the text to first-hand experience. There are several parts to each day of this course, below is a short description of each section.

(Some aspects of this curriculum may be added AFTER the original publishing date)

  • 1. Daily, Reading: Speak only when spoken through (To be added later)
    • Can be done anywhere.
    • Provided in Video, MP3 & PDF
    • A book written by Rev.Devan on his journey, in personal conversations with Spirit.
    • Consist of direct to-the-point Prayers, Quotes and Personal Inquiries.
  • 2. Daily, "A Course in Miracles" Lesson Reading
    • Can be done anywhere.
    • Provided in Video, MP3 & PDF
    • Each Lesson of “A Course in Miracles” in it’s purest available form.
    • A form of spiritual-psychology designed to bring about divine experiences.
  • 3. Daily, 10-30 min. Discussion on different perceptions of each lesson.
    • Can be done anywhere.
    • Provided in Video, MP3 & PDF
    • Newly available lesson Interpretations from the levels of awakening, to identify which you are on and proceed to next.
  • 4. Daily, 30-60 min. Lesson Application Meditation
    • Must be done alone
    • Done with headphones or loud surround-sound stereo (best if big headphones with bass)
    • Provided in Video & MP3
    • Two types of meditation, passive and active
    • Passive can be listened to on a loop, while doing anything, yet best results in a relaxed state.
    • Active involves focused attention with specific ways of directing your mind by visualizations, phases or inquisition.
  • 5. Daily, 2-5 min. Lesson Prayer
    • Can be done anywhere.
    • Provided in Video, MP3 & PDF
    • A simple prayer applying the lesson.
  • 6. Daily, 10-30 min. Application Exercises
    • Can be done as directed.
    • Provided in Video, MP3 & PDF
    • A verity of energetic and mental exercises designed to apply the lesson and open up for further experience.
  • 7. Daily, 10-60min. Intensive Teaching
    • Can be done anywhere.
    • Provided in Video & MP3
    • An intensive discussion of the core philosophy and mechanics of the lesson, in several languages of explanation and visual diagrams.
  • 8. Daily, 30-45min. Application Conversation (To be added later)
    • Can be done anywhere.
    • Provided in Video & MP3
    • A daily relatable discussion with applicable questions and answers with some one on this journey for the first time.
  • A. Weekly, 10-30min. Forgiveness practice (Delayed and added soon)
    • Must be done alone.
    • Provided in Video & MP3
    • A intensive opportunity to become aware of emotional blocks and practice letting them go.
  • B. Weekly, 10-15min. Appreciation, worthiness offering (Delayed and added soon)
    • Can be done anywhere.
    • Provided in Video & MP3
    • A intensive practice assisting in the awareness of love, peace and positive energy
  • C. Weekly, 30-60min. Text Reading Assignments (To be added later)
    • Can be done anywhere.
    • Provided in Video & MP3
    • A Short discussion on the weeks text reading

To properly do this course, requires a serious commitment. Please watch all the introduction videos

After completion of all twelve (12) parts
of this course you will receive a certificate of completion, including a certification of approval as a Teacher of "God" & "A Course in Miracles". However the goal of this course if to reach ascension, yet if the first time you do not, being a teacher for the masses is the next step.