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Author: Tom Alexander
Language: English
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How will the book "Trade without crutches"be useful for you?
This book will give you a specific trading technique that can serve as the basis for
creating any trading plan that suits your goals and trading style. "Trading
without crutches" is a description of an incredibly versatile trading technique. This book
will demonstrate a specific trading setup that can be used on all
timeframes: from the five-minute, ideal for day traders, to
medium/long-term, ideal for swing traders and investors. This is
a completely different approach to trading stocks and ETFs, which also allows you
to use the methodology and options traders who want to improve the quality of the selection of transactions.
"Trading without crutches" describes a specific methodology based on a unique
understanding of how markets develop (all markets and all individual assets) - how, when, where, and
why. This is an exceptionally universal approach. When I say "universal", I mean that
it can be used to trade any asset, any asset class/securities, and on
any timeframe. "Trading without crutches" does not require special software,
indicators/oscillators or ultra-fast trading platforms, but requires a completely
different understanding of how markets develop and why they develop in this
way. This understanding will help you greatly simplify your trading and focus
on its aspects. The methodology described in the book can be used as a basis for
countless trading plans, goals, and trading styles. It is ideal for
options traders because it answers the three most important questions
they need to know the answers to:

  1. Direction;
  2. Market condition (trend);
  3. The probability of sudden movement.
"Trading without crutches" allows the trader to put aside all unnecessary and unnecessary
crutches, offering to learn a technique based on consistent and objective logic.
This is a technique for practicing traders.