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The order of participation in a joint purchase


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1 Any participant who is registered has the right to participate in a joint purchase.
2 To participate in a joint purchase, you need to click on "Enroll in the main" or "Enroll in the reserve".
3 If you do not understand where to click and what to do, you can write either to the Support Service (Tickets) or write your question directly in the fold.
4 Collective procurement is carried out in 3 stages: "Record", "Collection of contributions" and "Purchased".
4.1. The "Record" stage provides for a preliminary record of all comers. When the organizer deems it necessary, he transfers the folding to the next stage.
4.1.1. Participants can sign up and sign out at this stage without restrictions.
4.2. At the "Collection of contributions" stage, the organizer begins accepting contributions from the storekeepers. The Org marks those who have paid within 3 days (except for the case of payment via the "Pay with balance" button). The material at this stage, as a rule, is not issued or is issued partially.
4.2.1. All questions and messages concerning payments are created in correspondence with the bank details ( that is, inside the warehouse where you receive the bank details). Moderators reserve the right to delete such messages, if they were left or duplicated somewhere other than the correspondence with the details, at any time. Correspondence details (the "Details" button appears at the "Collection of contributions" and "Purchased" stages). If this correspondence is not available to you, then you can write to support or to the topic itself about this problem. Also at this stage, the "Pay by balance" button is available, that is, using the internal currency of the forum. You click on this button and the amount of the contribution is debited from your balance and you get access to the library.
4.3. At the "Purchased" stage, storekeepers get access to the information product in the library (the "Library" button).
4.4. There are no penalties or demotions for non-payment on our resource. You can check out of the correspondence with the bank details yourself.
5. You get access to the library forever.
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