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Purchased The Creative Photography Cookbook [Dina Belenko]

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1. Appetizers and Snacks – Inspiration
This section reveals how Dina found her inspiration… and shows you how to think-outside-the-box.
She goes into detail on simple ways to find new ideas, and how to develop your own creativity.

2. Main Courses – Balance and Levitation
Levitation is a big part of Dina’s signature style, and it’s easier to create than you might think.
With the right process, a little help from a glue gun and some clamps, and a tiny bit of retouching…

3. Side Dishes – Steam and Fire
Capture mystical and magical images by controlling fire, steam, and sparklers.
These pictures look like they belong in a book of potions and you can tell your own stories with every shot.
Steam and fire are easy to control and perfect for setting a warm and cosy mood.

4. Dressings And Dips – Special Effects
You can add more creative effects to your images with these advanced techniques.
Silhouettes… papercraft… ink in water… explosions of flour…
Not only do these look impressive, but they’re incredibly fun to experiment with… so long as you don’t mind having to tidy up afterwards!

5. Drinks – Action and Splashes
You might be surprised to learn how simple it can be to capture water splash photography.
All you need is an off-camera flash (which you can get for $100), some simple instructions… and a little bit of experimentation.
No two shots will ever look the same. And when you combine some of the elements from the sections above, your images will be striking.