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Purchased [Team Pokercode] Pokercode Membership - Yearly Plan (Fedor Holtz)

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Type of purchase: Collaborative
Price: 750 USD
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Organizer: Zeus Zeus
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Fedor Holtz's Course - Pokercode with Russian subtitles
Who is in the topic, I think there is no need to explain who Fedor Holtz is and what kind of course. Judging by the content, the course is a Bomb (3bet pots, blind protection, blind vs blind, etc.). It's just a gift for that kind of money.

Summary (see the website for more details)

Russian Russian Subtitles CHANNEL 01-Getting Started - Preflop 5 Topics/24 Lessons (Russian Subtitles)
CHANNEL 02-Postflop 6 Topics/22 Lessons (Russian Subtitles)
CHANNEL 03-The Pokercode - Start Crushing Now 4 Topics/19 Lessons (Russian Subtitles)
CHANNEL 04-Igor's Toy Games 5 Topics/16 Lessons (in the original in English with English subtitles)
CHANNEL 05-Behind the Curtains Work 4 Topics/15 Lessons (in the original in English with English subtitles)

The first 3 parts of the course with Russian subtitles, the 4th and 5th parts in the original in ENGLISH with ENGLISH subtitles.