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New system of F. Mikhailovich (2014), improved Spiritual Option. Instead of TMO, the 10-finger technique is now used, which allows you to work out the goal many times faster. Now it takes weeks or even days to reach your goals, rather than months. The first results are visible after 20-30 minutes of working on the goal.

After the first webinar of Irina Tikhomirova (a student of Philip) on this technique in the fall of 14, I was personally convinced that the system works with TERRIFYING efficiency, reality is transformed before our eyes, and goals are achieved very simply.

I especially recommend it to everyone who participated in the Trutneva and Shainfield folds. I assure you, the speed and efficiency of the method will amaze even your imagination.
Special attention should be paid to the most recent author's folding to achieve goals, which was based on a long and not always pleasant TMO.

It is worth noting that the technique was originally created to increase the material state, with which it copes perfectly. Even if you have a full ass in your life and you can't see any exits and options at all, after eliminating several blocks (and this is now sooooo easy to do, and most importantly fast!) you will see a bunch of options, each of which will satisfy any of your requests.

Will it be necessary to work hard? On the technique itself, yes, but it will be a pleasant job. You will also need to work to achieve the goal in reality, but it is like floundering in the flow of a river, which will invariably lead you to the desired result.

Why buy a book in English? The book was published yesterday, and last week Philip answered questions and said that there were minor changes in the methodology. In addition, the methodology is unfairly little covered on this resource.

In general, I hope that most of the participants will be exactly the kind of folding that will change their lives and make them believe in miracles.

The cost is $37.