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Purchased Sexual profiling [Robert Alan Uru Hu]

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Organizer: Zeus Zeus
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Description :
The manual is for those who really want to see why they are attracted or turned on by this or that person. To know which sexual preferences prevail in people, depending on the available contours and activations.
Knowledge of the details of a Person's Design and listening to the subtle intonations of Ra allow us to make the translation as accurate, simple and adapted to the mentality of a Russian-speaking person, not excluding the black humor of the original source.

The cost of the book: 10,000 rubles. [+ forwarding services]
And pricing is not taken from the air!

The cost of two parts of this material in the original [in English.] is $297. However, Sexual Profiling also has an addition in the form of a 3rd part, where knowledge about the relationship of profiles, types, practical exercises, examples of reading rave cards and visual introductory tables with all the keywords are given.
A real book is not only a guarantee of targeting in the transfer of knowledge, but also a breath of freshness in the desert of endlessly stuffy and similar electronic courses of the dunes of the Human Design system. If you drink, then only from the source.

Price 10000r +650r delivery

Output format: PDF scan

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