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Purchased SEO for professionals [semrush.com] [Guru, No.37 for 1 month]

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Type of purchase: Collaborative
Price: 500 USD
Participants: 0 of 30
Organizer: Zeus Zeus
Status: A set of participants
Payment: 17.3 USD
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Several subscriptions are being purchased. One group will consist of 30 people.
We use access without a schedule.
It is forbidden to use bots \ zennoposter, etc. The service is taken for manual work in the browser.
When working, we use only the English version of the site.
Access works on Windows (put a virtual machine under the mac).

Title: semrush website is a full—fledged working service for any SEO specialist, according to the developers, which performs: technical SEO audit, semantic core collection, position tracking, recommendations for increasing organic traffic, competitive intelligence, solutions for keywords "not provided", audit and analysis of backlinks. The service is also suitable for improving the effectiveness of pay-per-click advertising and several other functions.
Price: the GURU tariff plan costs $ 230 (through partners) per month + a server for organizing access