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Purchased [SEO] Competitor analysis. Tracking backlinks [ahrefs.com] [standard]

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Type of purchase: Collaborative
Price: 710 USD
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Organizer: Zeus Zeus
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Payment: 21.1 USD
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The topic takes an unlimited number of participants. One license is purchased for a group of 25 people. In advance, before participating in the topic, read the tariff plan and its limits (there are limits that are updated every day, there are those that are given for the entire month). If this option is acceptable for you, then take part. Ideally, gather a permanent group of participants.
Access under Windows - through a configured browser. For mac-access via a virtual machine (install the virtual machine yourself). We use the account at any time of the day, without recording and without any restrictions

Name: website ahrefs.com — this is a service for analyzing the link profile of sites.

Price: the Standard tariff plan costs $ 179 per month + commission and access organization