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Book of The Cards This special creation that offers you a real bit of magic to use and augment your daily life. I have always loved the idea of ancient magical tomes, so why not make one? This contains a psychic card system (which you can also download for free from Instagram) and a few new things you can use to create servitors and energy transformers. I really hope you find this useful and enjoyable.

This is the eBook version, with the inclusion of 2 new servitors.

Fae Servitor
This is designed to look like a tiny fae with transparent butterfly wings
(It can become larger sized on demand, but the energy structure is less dense),
The gender is also randomized when made.
To create on an item, you simply place your item on the design and say “create servitor”
The item should be ready in about 2 hours.
It is better when made on an item you can wear, as there are both active and passive abilities effects.
Wearing or keeping it on you will allow you enjoy the benefits of the active effects.
(Active effects) will block and remove a wide variety of hexes and curse, overtime this ability can grow as it observes.
In this sense it can be an ever evolving protection.
(Passive Effect) Empathic shielding, this can be very beneficial especially for very sensitive individuals. So this this shielding, it will be harder for other to project their emotions unto you while also preventing your own projection of emotions.
For this, you can use commands like active full empathic shielding and take off empathic shielding.
(Active Effect) The servitor will also remove old and discarded energy from you, this discarded energies are energies you get through interactions or at the end of processes. It tends to junk up in your system over time and dull your own senses(physical and psychic). The servitor will constantly remove it, ground off the negative harmful ones, then de-pattern and store the excess for you, which you can access by simply asking the servitor to flood you with it.
(Passive and Active Effect) I t will ground you when needed, you can also do this on command.
(Active Effect) Draws ‘positivity’ energy in all forms, so this can be positive people, positive energy, and positive outcomes.
*Note, chances of positive outcomes are higher of course, but it doesn’t mean that negative thing will simple vanish, but the positivity can build around you to affect those around you and situations you are actively involved in.
(Passive and Active Effect) This will automatically cloak your energy system when a bad intent is sensed, you can turn this on by command as well.
(Passive Effect) This servitor can work with you to add energy power and ability to any kind of energy or magic work you are doing, augmenting your efforts a lot more than more than possible on your own.
(Passive effect) You can also request it to clear the environment around you within a defined area, removing harmful and negative patterns around you.

Energetic Support Servitor
This one is designed look like a vague tiny humanoid figure with a mixing band of multi-colors.
It has active abilities you can gain by keeping the item on you, and passive ones you can request on demand.
To create, you place your item on the photo and say “create servitor” to start the process. It should be finished in about two hours from the start time.
(Passive ability) The servitor has knowledge of energy structures and can manipulate your system, stimulate energy centers, modify the flow etc.
(Active Ability) It works on keeping your energy system clean and removing day to day junk you pick up generally from bad environments or even self created, (like alcohol/drug use etc).
(Passive Ability) Can help redistribute and balance the energies in your chakras and energy system.
(Active Ability) It can remove blockages and keep working on stubborn ones until it is finally remove
(Passive Ability) The servitor can send a directed stream of high frequency energy as a form of defensive attack to help actively protect you.
This can also clear the environment around you very quickly.
(Passive Ability) You can request the servitor to store energies for you, which you can access at a later point when you need it.
(Passive Ability) The servitor has the ability to channel earth energies/ley line energy on demand for your personal use.
(Passive Ability) There is a knowledge base of a wide variety of shielding types that you can request the servitor to create for you or whoever you direct it.

These are not in the eBook version, but you may get some of 'the flow' on the main page inside. These are in the printed version.

Environmental Transformer
With this image, you can create an active energy transformer, it will constantly draw in, filter and clean the energy in the environment you place it.
Yes it is meant for the environment, not you.
You place your item on the image, and say 'create' then it is ready to use in about 2 hours.

The back image with the hand photo is a field and item booster.
You can use it to grow and charge any item you own, even items without fields, it will grow the inherent field that makes the item what it is.
Items with fields can also be grown on it, once started, it will continue strengthening/growing it for for one hour.
Be careful with how much you boost/grow and item, because it can become un- use-able.
The word to activate it is "charge" or "begin charging".

The Flow
The image at the front (the face) you place your hand on it and say 'begin' and it will create a flow of psychic energy through you and focus on your 3rd eye.
When i say psychic, i mean the energy is best used for psychic work or psychic perception.
You need to keep your hand on it to continue the flow, it works only for 5 mins at a time.
You can hold an item in your other hand and it will also charge this item with energy.
This can be useful when making items, doing psychic or magical work on an item, or you simply wish to directly charge a drink for consumption.

(Print Version)