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Purchased Power Clearing Pack. Talk To The Entities (Access Consciousness)

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USD $ 270

Power Clearing Pack
Shannon O'Hara

The name of the Power Clearing Pack speaks for itself!
  • Demon Clearing
  • Creating and Receiving with Entities
  • Unlocking Your Abilities with Entities
  • Entities of the Earth
  • Space Clearing for Houses, Buildings and Land
  • Money Come from Entities
Are you ready for phenomenal clearings in these areas in your life?
Imagine what your life would be like if you had freedom and ease in these areas...

These audios are in English

How awesome is clearing!?

Don’t you wish sometimes that you had a magic wand that you could wave at all the the stuff you don’t want to handle or don’t know how to handle?

Well there is a magic wand called the Access Consciousness® clearing statement!

Introducing Shannon O'Hara'a brand new Entity Audio Clearing Loops! She skilfully uses the Access Consciousness™ clearing statement within these magical clearing loops.

Dive deep into changing all that limits you with the spirit world and awareness.

How much comes up for you when we say spirit world? So this is a great start, let’s clear that!

The clearings get us to the point where we can choose, what have you chosen that limits you with entities?

Each Clearing Audio Product contains:

  • Intro audio on how to use the Clearing Audio
  • Explanation of the Clearing Statement
  • Downloadable mp3 Audio Clearing Loop

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