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Never write another loop again.
Learn how to craft simple, elegant code that's a pleasure to write and a joy to maintain.

"Refactoring to Collections" is a book and video course that teaches you how to apply functional programming principles to write clean, maintainable PHP.

Learn how to use collection pipelines to break down ugly, complex functions into a series of simple transformations, free of loops, complex conditionals, and temporary variables.

158-page Book
No introduction, personal anecdotes or stories about my childhood. Just real-world, practical refactoring content, right from page one.

4 Hours of Video
Every refactoring example from the book covered in even more depth, as well as three additional advanced tutorials, making up almost 2 hours of content on their own.

A comprehensive set of 25 exercises in the form of unit tests, to practice your chops and make sure you have these patterns under your fingers.

“I wrote the library used in this book, and I still learned dozens of tricks that have improved my code. This is the definitive resource for programming with collections.”

Taylor Otwell

Creator of Laravel

The first section of the book focuses on teaching you the theory and fundamentals you need to to start applying functional programming principles to your code.

You'll learn about the difference between imperative and declarative code, how to use higher order functions to remove duplication, and how to reimplement fundamental operations like map, reduce, and filter from first principles.
A Bit of Theory

  • Imperative vs. Declarative Programming
  • Higher Order Functions
  • Noticing Patterns
  • Functional Building Blocks
  • Reimplementing Each
  • Reimplementing Map
  • Reimplementing Filter
  • Reimplementing Reduce
  • Transforming Data
  • Thinking in Steps
  • The Problem with Primitives
  • Arrays as Objects
  • Introducing Collections
  • A Note on Mutability
  • Quacking Like... an Array?
  • The Golden Rule of Collection Programming
The second section of the book and the companion screencasts are a deep dive into problem solving with Laravel's Collection library.

Through 16 in-depth examples, we walk through everything from beginner to expert level problems, using advanced operations like zipand transpose, and even extending the library with our own custom transformations.
A Lot of Practice

  • Pricing Lamps and Wallets
  • CSV Surgery 101
  • Binary to Decimal
  • What's Your GitHub Score?
  • Formatting a Pull Request Comment
  • Stealing Mail
  • Choosing a Syntax Handler
  • Tagging on the Fly
  • Nitpicking a Pull Request
  • Comparing Monthly Revenue
  • Building a Lookup TableNew!
  • Transposing Form Input
  • Ranking a Competition
  • Comparing DNA Strands [Screencast exclusive]
  • Building a Table of Contents [Screencast exclusive]
  • Highlighting Code Blocks [Screencast exclusive]