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Recruitment Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme [Saïd Business School, University of Oxford]

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Duration: 6 weeks (excluding orientation)
Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to have a major impact across the economy, but in order to truly understand the potential it holds, you first need to understand how the technology works. The Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme aims to provide you with a sound framework of this technology: from its history, functionality, and capability, as well as its inherent ethical challenges. Over the course of six weeks you’ll develop an informed opinion about AI's applications, as you reflect on its implications and opportunities, and build a business case for its implementation within your unique organisational context.

Is this programme for you?

This programme is designed for managers and business leaders across multiple functions and industries looking to understand the workings and possibilities of AI. It’s also applicable for technical working professionals such as CIOs, IT managers, and business analysts who want to better understand how artificial intelligence can be implemented within their organisations.
You’ll get the opportunity to learn about the technology and develop a foundational understanding of how it works, however as this is a non-technical programme, you will not be required to code.