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Purchased Neoclassical Acupuncture - Advanced Course No. 2. [Slate Burris]

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Neoclassical Acupuncture - Advanced Level No. 2
Instructor: Slate Burris, USA, lives in Mexico.

ATTENTION: This material is only for those who have completed the course Neoclassical Acupuncture - Session No. 1, Neoclassical Acupuncture -Session No. 2 and Neoclassical Acupuncture - Advanced Course No. 1. [Slate Burris]

Session No. 2
of the Advanced Course is devoted to the second approach to treatment with a single needle – using transport points. Session #1 of the Advanced Course prepared us for this approach indirectly by deepening our understanding of the influence of a single needle on the meridians. In this session, we will expand this understanding to such an extent that we will be able to predict the effect of a single needle on 8 meridians. This information will be vital for putting into practice the new approach to treatment that will be studied in this section of the course.

Here we will study a new palpation technique focused on objects that are neither meridians, nor organs, nor Elements, nor Obstacles. However, there is a connection between these new reflexes and all the aforementioned systems. Here we begin a journey through a new territory that goes beyond the previous paradigm of Elements. On day 3, we will also take a fresh look at the Wonderful Meridians in the hope of finding points that act as "common denominators" that can treat both these new entities and Wonderful meridians. We will also deepen our understanding of how to work on multiple levels without relying on a "domino effect" to achieve a multi-level treatment.