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Purchased Modern Hypnotherapy with Anthony and Freddy Jacquin [Mike Mandel Hypnosis]

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The Ultimate in Modern Hypnotherapy with Freddy and Anthony Jacquin
We knew bringing Freddy and Anthony to Toronto would be great. But when the cameras started rolling, we had no idea how much incredible material they would pack into a single weekend.

Toronto canada, class picture with freddy and anthony jacquin
Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson here.

The above picture is from the incredible weekend training we recently hosted in Toronto. Anthony and Freddy Jacquin have become great friends of ours, and they also just happen to be incredible hypnosis trainers with a style we both LOVE.

We recorded the entire weekend training called "Modern Hypnotherapy". You can now order it now along with a crazy good bonus package. We stand behind this training with our standard 60-day money back guarantee.

This is a must-own training for any hypnotist of any skill level. These fine gentlemen over-delivered in every possible way. They gave more instruction and performed more demonstrations than we possibly could have imagined. And they did so at a quality level that is extremely high. We professionally recorded the event from 3 camera angles to give you an incredible digital experience with this set of recordings.