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Type of purchase: Collaborative
Price: 200 USD
Participants: 0 of 10
Organizer: Zeus Zeus
Status: Gathering payment
Payment: 20.8 USD
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Access to the masterclass website is purchased, all materials are downloaded and distributed to participants + for a year, we will have all updates and additions to the master classes available.

Master classes are video tutorials from professionals in their field. Here we will have access to singing lessons from Christina Aguilerra, Gary Cosparov will teach the game of chess, Stephen Curry-basketball, Gordan Ramsay-cooking, Tom Morello - playing electric guitar, Serena Williams-tenissa, Daniel Negreanu-poker, Samuel Jackson - poker skills and many other famous stars in their niche will also be available for viewing. For a detailed list, see the website
This is just super material, because this information is provided by the stars of their field, so I suggest that everyone help with the distribution of this fold, because many sections of our site are affected here.

price $ 200 subscription for a year + cloud storage for a year
The organizer uploads all the videos to the cloud. During the year, there will be updates with new videos.