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Purchased Making a Self Standing doll in Dorote Zaukaite style (Meet Dorotesdolls)

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During the years of creating dolls I have tried a lot of different materials and techniques, I have been experimenting a lot and inventing ways of making things. Today I am sharing some of that knowledge with you.

This e-book is a story of one doll told in more thane 450 photographs and drawings accompanied by brief explanations and handy tips.
If you follow it step by step, you will learn how to make an armature and to sculpt the head, the legs and the hands, how to make a soft torso and a fabulous wig, how to pleat simple tulle into gorgeous airy waves and how to sew a dramatically folded gown. You will also find out how I made those incredibly long boots and the hundred of roses that I have used to decorate my doll's gown and the wig.
I am also adding lists of tools and materials needed to make a doll.

The difficulty level – medium
File format – PDF
Size – 73 A4 pages
Printable on a home printer
The tutorial is divided in two files
Language: English