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Purchased Kevin Spacey teaches acting. (Part 2 of 4) [Masterclass]

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In 28 lessons, you will:
  • learn from Kevin how to stand out at the casting, create the perfect monologue, make an impression and much more;
  • the course is accompanied by a workbook (47 pages) with short lesson notes and exercises that will help you work out in practice all that you have learned.
Full list of lectures with descriptions
1. Introduction.
Meet me! Kevin is your new acting teacher. In this lesson, you will learn why he is so eager to teach you acting, and what you will learn from his master class..
2. Choosing a monologue.
The monologue determines the success of the actor. Kevin's insightful critique will teach you to choose your monologue wisely.
3. Choosing a monologue.
Continued. A monologue is more than just words. During the performance, you can establish a strong contact with the audience and make the character memorable. From one of Kevin's unique exercises, you will understand why you should now prepare for pain.
4. Working with the text: emotional selection of words.
The way you pronounce words not only affects their meaning, but also their weight. Using the example of an excerpt from "Othello", Kevin teaches the correct use of stress.
5. Working with text: creating a setting.
Make everything real. Find out how something as unremarkable as picking up a suitcase can make a scene completely different.
6. We attack from all sides.
" Knowing the words and knowing how to say them are two different things." In this lesson, you will understand how different they are.
7. Give them 50 %.
Exercise in restraint. Kevin shows how the actor's closeness attracts the audience to him.
8. Variation of performances.
In this lesson, you will get powerful advice on how to avoid predictability and play something new every time.
9. Working in a mask: stop being yourself.
"The job of an actor is to put yourself in someone else's shoes." Kevin suggests testing how far you can go by literally ceasing to see yourself. Exercise with a mask on freedom of expression.
10. Working in a mask: another approach.
Stop thinking about who your hero should be, and you will find out who he can be.
11. Working in a mask:
Feel the power of metamorphosis in working with the mask and mirror.
12. Masked operation: Advanced level.
Completely detach yourself from your own personality. Only by making unexpected decisions will you make your character alive.
13. Creating a setting for the performance.
Kevin shows how accompanying a monologue with any actions that may not be specified in the text helps to emphasize the hero's intentions and highlight the main thing in the scene.
14. Raising the stakes.
Raising your energy level is not as easy as raising the stakes in a gambling game. In this tutorial, Kevin will teach you different ways to apply this concept to impress your audience.
15. Rely on words.
Kevin will prove that words are enough for a convincing game.
16. Exercise for everyday actions.
Learn how accompanying a monologue with everyday actions can reveal the hero's motivation and create a sense of interconnectedness.
17. Reactions in the monologue:
Make the audience see the character you are talking to, even if there is no one else on the stage.
18. Parodies.
Kevin lays out his approach to accurate parodies. They require three elements, which are not limited to copying someone's voice.
19. Playing on camera.
Based on his experience of stage play, Kevin explains how to create bright characters for the blue screen as well.
20. Playing on stage.
Theater-Kevin's first love. Learn how to rehearse with a group of actors, develop a character on stage and show an unforgettable performance at each performance.
21. Working with a Director:
In this lesson, Kevin will share his thoughts on how to work with a director to develop your character, how to present a story, and always be an interesting candidate for new projects.
22. Collaboration with actors.
The key to the success of every actor is the ability to work in a team. Learn how to listen, respond, and behave with dignity to your colleagues on stage.
23. Creating a Character: a training example.
Watch as Kevin transforms into his most memorable characters, including Lester Burnham from American Beauty.
24. Creating a character: a training example.
Kevin continues to analyze the characters and reflects on the representation of historical figures using the example of Richard Nixon from his new film "Elvis and Nixon".
25. Listening.
Make the casting your own. Kevin explains how to overcome nervousness, follow directions, and make a lasting impression.
26. Kevin's career path.
" If you succeed in this business... press the button to send the elevator to the first floor." Kevin considers his success to be largely the result of the most valuable lessons learned from his mentors. Now he wants to share his experience with you.
27. Career strategy.
Don't become an actor waiting for a role. Kevin will talk about the opportunities that he has created for himself, how to attract an agent to his side and how to fight for the roles that should be yours.
28. Prudent advice.
We descend from heaven to earth. Learn from Kevin how to deal with indecision and work even when you're not working.