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Juan Tamariz - Magic from my Heart

Juan Tamariz is, perhaps, the finest living magician. You know that. He releases material very, very infrequently, and when he does, it's always essential to have and watch or read. We are DELIGHTED that there are now FIVE discs of Juan's material. We're fortunate to be quite familiar with Juan's work, so we can comment on the contents with detailed accuracy. It's a good mix of "classic" Juan (with new touches...because he's always improving), and new material you can see here for the very first time.

Here is a complete breakdown of what this wonder DVD set includes:

DVD 1: Renovated Classics

Juan Tamariz fans will recognize the names of several of these effects, but most of them were originally published over thirty years ago. Juan is continuously updating his magic, and therefore these are the very newest versions with new methods and climaxes. You'll also learn some brand new Tamariz techniques, published in English for the very first time.


  • Neither Deaf Nor Stupid (that fools even connoisseurs)
  • New Oil and Water (5 red-black cards)
  • Oil & Water with 3 Shuffles
  • Impromptu Deaf Nor Stupid (New Strong Climax)
  • Impromptu Real Magic


  • Switch in N
  • Red-Black Preparation
  • Trueba's Pass
  • TPC (New ways to control cards, apparitions, and rising cards)

DVD 2: "Exhibition" Deck

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If you have seen Juan session in an informal environment, he was possibly using this secret to fool everyone! One of his most closely-guarded methods; a stack (not a memdeck like Mnemonica) that allows you to perform a sequence of killer routines ... even a book test! The most amazing thing is that you will be able to learn the stack really fast.


  • Suit and Number
  • To The Highest Card
  • Any Poker Hand
  • Any Suit... Any Effect.


  • Shuffle that Doesn't Shuffle
  • Handling of the Exhibition Deck
  • Controlled Cuts
  • Hofzinser's Culling
  • Half Pass

DVD 3: New effects

In the third DVD, you will find tricks with new effects and with mental and visual impact.


  • Partial Divinations, Total Benefit
  • Card's Book Test
  • Twice Book Test
  • Decrypting
  • Imagination
  • Double Sign Cards


  • Three Complementary Shuffles
  • Pentacorte
  • Classic Force
  • About Double Turnover
  • Tenkai Palm
  • Gambler's Palm
  • Deck Switch

DVD 4: Knives and Verbal Magic

In the fourth DVD, Juan Tamariz explains his Color Changing Knife routine and very impressive effects using verbal magic.


  • Double Triumph
  • Wisdom
  • Double Travel
  • GO!
  • Central White Knife


  • Knives Handlings

DVD 5: Theory and Interview

In an extraordinary master class, Juan talks for the first time about the deaf technique, perceptive space, his philosophy about the double turnover, and new tips for the TPC. Then Dani DaOrtiz talks with Juan Tamariz about Juan's life and work.

Get immediately download Juan Tamariz - Magic from my Heart

DVDs like Magic from My Heart don't come around often; a rare opportunity to learn from one of the few remaining legends in magic. We love Juan Tamariz and we love this DVD set. It gets our highest recommendation.

Readmore: http://archive.is/Z5zzc