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Collecting funds iPhone Photography: Take Amazing iPhone Photos

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  1. iPhone Photography Course Promo
  2. Get to Know Your Teacher and What You'll Learn in This Course
  3. Photography Terms You Need to Know
  4. Make Sure You Capture Those Special Moments in the Nick of Time
  5. Setting Up Preserve Settings
  6. Turn That Camera Grid On
  7. Your iPhone Camera Format
  8. What is HDR anyway?
  9. All About Your Camera App
  10. Why You Need To Be Using AE and AF
  11. What is Composition and Why Does it Matter?
  12. How to Use the Rule of Thirds
  13. Composing Your Photos Using Visual Weight Elements
  14. The Element of Color
  15. The Element of Size
  16. The Element of Texture
  17. The Element of Focus
  18. The Element of Position and Angles
  19. How to Use Negative Space in Your Photos
  20. How to Use Leading Lines
  21. Testing Your Knowledge on Well Composed Photos
  22. Panoramic Photos
  23. How to Take Great Photos of People
  24. Using Portrait Mode for Shallow Depth of Field
  25. Editing a Photo of a Person
  26. Editing a Landscape Photo
  27. Editing a Photo of an Animal
  28. Final Thoughts