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Purchased Hypnotizing difficult subjects overcoming (Gil Boyne)

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Part One:

DAMIEN (misunderstands trance) - A 22-year-old male college student has had seven sessions with two different hypnotherapists and reports that he has never been in a trance.

Pre-hypnotic Interview,
Instant Induction ,
Ocular catalepsy,
"Inflexible" left hand,
Hand levitation,
Catalepsy of the hands,
Self-hypnosis training.

In a post-hypnotic interview, Damien revealed his belief that he was in a trance.

Part Two:

BOB (Fear of failure)-Bob, a 72-year-old hypnotherapist who has never been in hypnosis himself, despite his many efforts.

Using age regression, Boyne discovers the cause - the negative suggestion of Bob's mother in early childhood: "You will never achieve anything." Bob went into a deep trance and was tested in several ways. Boyne then teaches him self-hypnosis, and Bob comes out of the trance looking amazed and beaming.

Gerald Kane on Gil Boyne:

"I strongly recommend that anyone who has never been trained by Gil Boyne attend his courses in Santa Fe. Gil is one of the few real living (unfortunately, he has already left us) masters of his craft. Following his work-you see the culmination of almost 50 years of personal experience and skills, accompanied by highly effective training. Over the years, Gil Boyne has been, and in many eyes still is, the best working instructor . This is an opportunity to gain special knowledge and wisdom from a person who is truly a pioneer and innovator in our work. Gil has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in our profession that can only be gained through years of experience and many thousands of hours of individual and group training. He created many of the therapeutic techniques that we use daily in our work today. Do not miss the opportunity to learn from the master!”

Gerald Kane
Director of one of the most successful hypnotherapy schools in the United States.
Omni Hypnosis Center, Deland, FL