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Purchased Hunchback fix [Matt Hsu]

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If you've got hunchback posture, you've probably watched countless videos on YouTube about how to fix hunchback posture.

You've probably seen a bunch of blog posts that contradict each other.

You've probably been to chiropractors and massage therapists who tell you that the best way to fix your hunchback is to keep going to more appointments that will cost THOUSANDS of dollars over time!

Watch out for bad internet advice on hunchback posture

There are videos out there that tell you exactly the WRONG thing to do.

Some well-meaning but misinformed people will tell you to curl your spine MORE to somehow "fix" your hunchback. They'll tell you to do the cat pose. Or do upper spine forward folds...

It might feel good to stretch the muscles along your spine, but the result is MORE hunchback posture!