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The best life hacks and tips for buying cheap flights from the editor of the website of professional travelers internationalliving.com . How to save $ 800 or more on long-haul flights ...
... and many other amazing deals, great lvyfhacks, amazing facts and clever tricks that I discovered during my years of traveling .

Call me frugal if you want ... (my wife, Susan, says I'm too obsessed with getting the best deal), but I've always been concerned that on any flight, some people pay two, three, and four times more than others. I was recently on a flight where seat prices ranged from $ 719 to $ 3,218-in the same section of the plane!

I can't think of another business where you can save so much money with so little effort. The ticket price can change seven times a day, not a rush-it's the easiest money you'll ever make.

I could go on and share the tricks of the trade and the deals I snagged from my 26-year-long hard rides - and that's exactly what I do in this new 65-page report.

I call it How to get the best deal on every airline ticket you buy. And that's exactly what you get. You will see how to get amazing prices when booking flights, the best websites to be used, some tricks that lower your final purchase price, special features specific to the world's largest airlines and their websites ... as well as how to get the best deals on car rentals, hotels, and how to make the most of your frequent flyer miles (everyone should have at least one frequent flyer program they're part of ... trust me, they deserve registration).
If you want to know what's working right now, all you need is my special quick-read report. It has all the tips, hints, tricks, and timing that work for me right now.


The most important money saving for any trip. (You'll find this little gem on page 15 of my report.)
How to save hundreds on your next trip by going to your local library. Hint: Find a British newspaper (see page 9).
How social media can get out of the best deals. Discover the hottest deals in real time (page 9).
Still using a travel agent? That's fine, but make sure you ask these nine simple questions for a much better deal (page 13).
Do you have four hours to save and don't mind scoring an easy $ 800? Try these tips to voluntarily train on an oversold flight (p. 55).
Only two of the eight big travel sites give you full flexibility with your travel date. See which ones (p. 16).
How a good system can save you money every time (p. 18).
How to make the most of the apps on your mobile device. Including one that allows you to check or book flights, hotels, and car rentals ... all in one go (page 9).
Why you should always consult the airline's vacation branch before booking (see page 10).The
critical difference between a web-based travel service and a travel search engine (page 14).
Want to know how good (or lousy) a place is before you choose it? This one-of-a-kind website tells you about the pros and cons of every seat on every plane in the sky (see PG. 31).
How to tighten your stop to spend a day or two in the city that you love without paying for another flight (p. 54).
The last place you want to be when your flight has just been cancelled (and where to immediately go). You will find this on page 56.
How to get a refund from the price difference if your ticket price drops. A handy hint that airlines don't want to know you (p. 29).
How to get more out of your frequent flyer program... and why I book frequent flyer tickets eight months in advance (p. 41).
What are the world's best travel credit cards? Also, find out how you can get thousands of air miles and points without reaching the departure lounge (page 45).
A convenient travel search engine that has a new approach to selling hotel rooms ... one that can save you a lot of money (p. 48).

Advanced techniques for advanced travelers

That's where I reveal the street cues for real road warriors. But everyone can use this genius money and timers over and over again. Here are the steps I'm talking about:

Same flight, different flight number. Different airlines often combine to sell the same flight. The seats are the same, but the fares can be day and night. I recently saw a $ 3,00 difference between LAN Ecuador and LAN Chile on a flight to Santiago, Chile, for an economy seat on the same plane. There's only one way to make sure you don't fall into this trap, and you'll see it in the "How to Get the Best Deal on Every Airline Ticket You Buy"section.

Break it down - on one trip, I saved over $ 300 by booking separate flights on a trip from Miami to Nassau and then to Los Angeles, rather than buying a single ticket ... and both prices were from the same airline.

Try your own "bait and switch". If you land on a bargain fare just to make sure you have a more convenient return flight, here's how to upgrade to a better flight at the overseas end of the trip. I did this even when the flight was "sold out" at my US rate.

Double round trips. Another twist that I've used many times is to book a round-trip ticket to the airline's hub city, as well as another round-trip flight to my final destination. For a logical reason, it comes out cheaper, and I can usually check my luggage all the way through, even though I bought separate routes.

Change the country of origin. Some websites will give you different prices depending on what country you are speaking in when you are on the site. (As far as I can tell, they don't check your internet address to see where you really are, and if they do, they don't stop you from buying the best deal).

Getting the maximum value when making a deal with airlines directly

Here, I'll tell you how to encrypt the websites of the largest U.S. and international carriers and boost the best locations and features. For example, Delta gives you plenty of options regarding your date options - even allowing you to choose " flexible weekend trips."
United Airlines has an advanced search function on the home page, allowing you to search within a seven-day date range
Using Air France's flexible date system, I reduced the fare from $ 1,515 to $ 908. I'll also show you how to get

One of the most fascinating travel sites I've found

Nothing is more annoying than buying a ticket, just to get the price down next week. This revolutionary free service not only finds low fares, but also tells you whether they will move up or down in the future. Developed by a computer science professor at the University of Washington, its sophisticated algorithms yield massive amounts of 175 billion airline ticket data to predict future trends.

Do not disable charters

Charter flight operators organize flights and hotels on heavily traveled routes. Because they move such a large number of travelers, they get huge discounts.
Charters and tours are especially good when you book the entire package. If you want to book a vacation package in a specific and popular location, this may be the best deal you can find. On page 33, you'll see my four favorite charters and travel agencies.

Cheap tickets for seniors and students

While these discounts aren't as common as they used to be, it's a different matter overseas. Some foreign air carriers still offer senior discounts, and I've seen them go up to 50% of the best price you'd get otherwise.

Did you know that travelers under the age of 25 can apply for discounts for young people, are they not students? You'll get four of my favorite online resources in the "How to Get the Best Deal" section for digging up big discounts for young travelers.

Travel with a travel ticket

The most convenient way to travel in a particular country or region is with a travel ticket. Plus, it can cost half as much as you pay if you bought each tariff separately. For example, you can get a flight from London to Moscow for just $ 95.

I'll run down all the main passageways that are now available ... the best pass to visit all of Europe ... best for Brazil ... Asia ... anywhere and everywhere you might want to go.

You will also see when it is worth considering a ticket in the world. It may seem counterintuitive, but the cost of air tickets around the world is often cheaper than a round trip. You will find three reputable operators specializing in such tickets in the section "How to get the best deal for every ticket you buy".

Car Rental Tips

One thing I've learned after spending more hours than I remember waiting at car rental counters around the world: Don't believe the prices of online car rentals.
Pay to check out all the "extra" costs, as they can eventually drive up the price of your rental home ... and in some cases, you don't even need all the extras. I will explain in detail on page 55.