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Hello from sunny Phoenix, Arizona, USA!

How would you like to solve real, challenging GMAT Math questions in 10, 15, 30 seconds?

This UNIQUE, definitive course will show you how to solve hundreds of real GMAT® Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency questions in the fastest way possible.

Our Exclusive Features:

  1. The FASTEST way to solve each question appears at the beginning of each video. This saves you time!
    If you used the fastest way, you can move on to the next video.
    If you wish to see a slower, alternative, or more elaborate solution, watch the entire video.
  2. Every single question has its own unique, pre-highlighted Takeaways;
    if you can't solve the question, use the Takeaways as clues!
  3. No other course in the world offers you the ability to practice the exact same concept / Takeaways on multiple different real questions. Most courses will merely offer a broad categorization of the various questions.
  4. Since the 75% of our students are not native English speakers, ALL of the lectures have been fully captioned by us, rather than by machines.
  5. Get your own copy of the ~1,200 Takeaways which solve all 404 REAL questions, and know how to approach EVERY single question on the test.
We encourage you to look at the free previews and to compare our explanations with those appearing in the Official Guide;

you will find our explanations Intuitive, Powerful -- and most importantly -- Implementable within the significant time constraints which the test introduces.

The reason some of our students will travel for hours to attend our in-class courses is their desire to be trained to think like a pro;

-- now, you too can achieve that goal!