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Purchased Feng Shui For Homebuyers - Exterior : Learn to screen and see properties wth Feng Shui vision [Joey Yap]

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Learn to screen and see properties with Feng Shui Vision
Renowned Classical Feng Shui consultant Joey Yap reveals in this book how to screen properties and determine their Feng Shui Quotient (FSQ) just by observing what is around the area and using Landform (Luan Tou) Feng Shui techniques. How do you know if a property is surrounded by good Qi? Are all houses built near T-junctions bad?
Why buy a property that has Feng Shui flaws which require fixing, when you can buy a property that is already good and simply requires improvement? Why buy a property that needs costly renovations simply to rectify the Feng Shui flaws when you can buy one that needs no renovation at all?

Complete with colour illustrations, photographs and aerial images, Feng Shui for Homebuyers - Exterior has been specially written to help house buyers avoid properties with negative Feng Shui and select properties with favourable Feng Shui utilising methods and techniques synthesised from Landform Feng Shui and classics like Ru Di Yan (Entering Earth Eye Classics). Whether you are seeking a suitable plot of land, buying-ready built landed property, or evaluating a new development, this book provides you with essential guidance on how to identify a property with good Feng Shui.
In this book: Learn how to screen houses for their Feng Shui Quotient (FSQ) using easy to use Landform or Luan Tou Feng Shui observation techniques, find out how to avoid properties with negative Feng Shui and select properties with favourable Feng Shui, discover the 'trade secrets' that Feng Shui Masters use to evaluate the Feng Shui of a property, view fully illustrated diagrams, photographs, aerial images and drawings to help you screen properties effectively, follow a Practical Walk Through section that guides the housebuyer on how to go about screening a property.
An excellent introduction to the salient aspects of Feng Shui for Real-Estate Agents and Architects.