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Exotic Car Hacks is a step-by-step training program with the goal of helping you understand how your dream car is much closer and affordable than you think.

You will get all the resources and tools needed to go from your current car to owning your dream car in as a little as 90 days.

This is 100% beginner friendly and designed to work for people who have never bought a car before, or have average credit.

Study the content, take action, and you will see why car hacking is the financially savvy way of owning cars.

Join over 15,000 students who took the leap and haven't looked back since.

What you'll learn inside exotic car hacks

  • Complete list of all the best cars that work with our system.

  • Formulas to help you easily determine target pricing and future values.

  • How to easily find cars sitting on the market from motivated dealers and sellers.

  • The best places to find deals including ‘over the shoulder” search demonstrations.

  • How to sell your car fast or get out of a lease if you are upside down.

  • The best negotiation strategies for phone, email, dealers, and private parties.

  • How to optimize your credit and debt so that banks want to lend you money.

  • The buying process explained including paperwork and dealer upsells to avoid.

  • How to get the best deals on service, parts, or repairs (as much as 80% off).

  • A ‘behind the scenes’ look at how dealers operate from someone who owns one.

  • The checklist you need to protect yourself from bad cars and bad sellers.
And so much more...