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The Easy In, Easy Out Trading Strategy
The EIEO strategy is a step by step guide on how to execute and manage positions using 1 easy to learn price action pattern & concept.

I am not trying to sell you the idea of becoming a good trader or the idea of success. I am selling you a repeatable, actionable process.

This guide, from start to finish, is a compilation of over 5 years of hard work and dedication. I did not invent the base concepts used in the EIEO. However, I will take full credit for the way the concepts are compiled into a statistically proven, mechanical strategy. Although the steps for the EIEO are mechanical & easy to follow, there is no replacement for chart time. Remember, ALL I have done for years is trade this 1 pattern.

The entire strategy is fractal in nature. So, although I predominately trade the setup on the 1 - 5min timeframes, it can also be used on the daily or even weekly timeframe in the exact same way.