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Purchased [Domestika] Naturalist Animal Illustration with Procreate (Román García Mora)

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Román begins his course by sharing his passion for nature and art. He explains how he started in scientific illustration and will show you some of his most valued influences and references.

Discover how to create a mural of references with insightful tips on drawing your chosen animal with utmost precision. Get the most out of your sketches as you learn to create a composition using various photographic references in one image. See how organizing all the information you need in a single base document serves as a guide throughout the entire creation process.

Create a preliminary outline of your illustration with a series of sketches to help you convey your animal’s shape and structure. Understand the importance of anatomy in your drawings by studying both scientific and artistic technique, and learn to apply these in your drawings to obtain realistic results in your animal’s stance.

Learn how to create different texture techniques with Procreate such as hair, feathers and scales. Analyze how these textures move and use two techniques to make them: personalized paint brushes and layering of textures.

Explore different styles that you can apply to your final illustration. Learn 2 ways of working to finalize your illustration: illuminated drawing and realist illustration (Tradigital).

Lastly, Román teaches you how to get the most out of all your visual material to create an infographic of your chosen animal. Learn to create a visual hierarchy with Procreate, as well as how to place elements and add text to your creations.

The course is in Spanish!