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Purchased [Domestika] Mixed Illustration Techniques for Character Design [Jorge Martín Giménez]

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In the first place you will meet Jorge and a little of his professional career, he will show you his work and what his favorite references are when drawing. He will tell you about the authors and illustrators that most inspire him and have influenced him most as an illustrator, showing you his works and his books. And to start this course, he will propose you to carry out an illustration project with traditional techniques.
You will take a tour of the different materials that you can use in your project. Next, you will begin to propose a character design in which it will be necessary to make a sketch of color and lighting. You will end up retouching, cleaning the drawing and transferring it to the final support.
You will learn to apply volume and texture to your drawing using mainly ink and acrylic. You will start by defining the drawing with a pen screen, highlighting all the details and textures. Then, you will make an analysis of the general volume of the drawing to make a grille with diluted acrylic. Then you will learn to mask the drawing to work a simple background using the airbrush.
In the next unit you will get fully involved with the course: color. To apply color to your project, you will use the technique of diluted acrylic applied by transparent layers or glazes. You will learn different methods and materials of primer and protection of the drawing, since its final finish will be done with small touches of oil.
Once your project is finished, you must present it in the best way. In the last unit of this course, you will learn about the importance of varnishing, scanning, digital retouching and final presentation.

What is this course's project?

You will create an illustration of a character invented in full color, using the drawing and color techniques that you will learn in the course.
Although the course shows a very specific drawing style, the techniques that will be shown can also be applied to any type of drawing, be it of the cartoon , realistic, comic or any other type.

Course in Spanish with Spanish and English subtitles