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Purchased [Domestika] Introduction to the Creation of Cartoon Style Characters (Ed Vill)

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First you will know the work of Ed Vill, who will speak to you The cartoons and artists that marked and influenced his style.

You will see what a caricature is and Ed will share with you his process to define the physical and psychological characteristics of your character.

You will do some fun and creative exercises to discover your own stroke from the point and the line. And you will know how important it is to enjoy the process of creating a character.

Ed will tell you about his favorite tools to draw cartoons and will give you some very useful practical tips for forming and deforming characters: you will see concepts such as rotation of geometric figures, disposition and disproportion, and how to highlight and reserve combined figures.

The expression is one of the most important elements of a character, so you pay attention to each of the elements of the face: eyes, mouth, nose, ears and hair.

Then you will go on to shape the body and Ed will teach you to draw the typical classic caricature glove and other elements of clothing and accessories so that you can see your character.

Finally, you will apply everything learned during the course and create a unique character.