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Collecting funds [Domestika] Intimate Photography Portraits

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You will start knowing Marta, where she comes from and how she got where she is. She will tell you what her biggest influences are, that is what she calls "incendiaries" because they have been the spark that ignites the fire of her creativity.
Before starting your session, Marta will teach you some tools to build a link with your model that will help you develop the concept of your photo shoot.
You will learn to choose a location depending on what you want to achieve, taking into account how light enters each space and every hour. You will see how to take advantage of a space that, a priori, does not seem attractive.
Marta will explain in detail the equipment she uses in each situation, starting with the camera and taking a tour of each of her objectives that vary depending on whether she portrays a person, groups or photos of events.
Now you will get to work. You will start your session working with natural light indoors, first seeing how to manage the natural light that a window offers. Marta will give you some tools to get the most out of it.
Then you will learn to manage an interior space, deciding which elements work within the plane and which to set aside so that the model and space have a balanced role.
You will discover some tools and everyday elements that you can use to obtain more artistic scenes, such as direct light or crystals. This will help you give a special touch to your photographs.
You will take your images to Lightroom, where you will learn some editing tips to give your images a professional finish and, finally, you will discover some ways to spread and teach your work to get new projects to work on.

What is this course's project?
You will generate your own series of photographic portraits looking for what makes you different and what only you and no one else can tell.