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Purchased [Domestika] Geometric Illustration with Volume (Edgar Rozo)

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You'll start with a search for inspiration, making an analysis of cultural references, design, and everything that brings ideas to your composition’s story.
Then, with the list of resulting elements, you'll define your design’s personality before you face the blank sheet with quick sketching exercises that will help you understand basic structures, let your imagination run wild, and explore different things in a short time, in order to give personality, movement, and identity to your character.
You'll go from organic to geometric, using lines, curves, and geometric figures to highlight the visual essence of the listed elements, as these are an important part of the story you want to tell.
Once the basic composition is defined, you'll simplify the strokes by generating shapes through the union of points and corners by relying on the accidental grids that are generated, allowing greater clarity, solidity, and abstraction to the illustration.
You'll digitize the sketch with Adobe Illustrator, using the pen, pencil, and trace tools.
Then, you’ll apply color to your character, and define the color palette that you consider appropriate for your design.
You'll export the created layers to Adobe Photoshop and, by using adjustment layers, blending modes, loop selections, and layer masks, you'll add lights, highlights, shadows, and textures that will translate into volume.
Finally, Edgar will explain the post-production treatment that he usually gives to his images, with filters, noise, high pass, and other tools that will turn your drawings into characters with their own style and stunning form.

What is this course's project?

You’ll create a fictional character, preferably an animal, supported by elements inspired by a cultural event you feel identified with.

This course is in Spanish with English and Spanish subtitles, but everything should be clear from the video
Level: beginners and above