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Purchased [Domestika] Drawing Appealing Characters with Personality (Magdalina Dianova)

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Discover dynamic character design by learning to tell a story through expressions, poses, clothing, and more

Characters can convey so much through the way they look; a hairstyle, an outfit, and a pose can tell you about their mood, identity, and even their backstory. Character designer Magdalina Dianova observes these elements to transform lines and colors into charismatic protagonists. She has worked for clients like DreamWorks TV, and 3dtotal, as well as on projects including character design book Heroines, and short film Goodbye Mr.Octopus, which was presented at the Venice Film Festival.

In this course, learn how to design characters that express their own unique personality. Explore anatomy, color schemes, clothing, gestures, and more, as you see how to create a character full of life, from start to finish.

Get to know Magdalina Dianova as she discusses her journey to becoming a character designer. She also shares some advice on what she’s learned along the way, along with the artists that inspire her the most.
See how to set up the Procreate app to optimize workflow, looking at Magdalina’s favorite tools, features, and shortcuts. She then goes over alternative traditional tools you can use. Discover how Magdalina comes up with her characters, and understand how to use reference pictures effectively. Draw different body types as you explore things like gestures and poses. Next, see how to draw diverse faces, hearing Magdalina’s tips on anatomy and proportions.
Learn how to ink and color your final character sketch with tips on line weight, brush settings, and color theory and schemes. Design outfits and hairstyles for your character that build their story, as Magdalina teaches you to stylize clothes and create a distinguishable look. See how to make your protagonist more dynamic by drawing them from different angles and exaggerating their poses.
Hear about the purpose of creating character sheets, what they should include, and how to use them. End the course with some tips on using social media and other platforms to share your work and discover how to make a living through your art.

What is this course's project?

Create a character sheet with different poses and outfit designs that reflect their story, using either digital or traditional methods.