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Collecting funds [Domestika] DJ and Production of Electronic Music (Alex dc)

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Price: 40 USD
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Organizer: Zeus Zeus
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In this course you will understand how a professional team is used on the dance floors and you will practice with your domestic alternative and more affordable. Alex DC will teach you how to classify the music for the sessions and you will learn to use Traktor DJ, the tool to click on your computer. Finally, you will acquire the basic notions to use the DJay 2 application with Spotify on your iPad (a very fun combination). And if you do not have an iPad do not worry, you will know alternatives for other tablets.

Who is it for?
This course is aimed at anyone who likes music and has an interest in creating musical sessions, either to share them on social networks or to encourage a meeting or party with friends. From the guateque to your professional debut, you decide where to stop!