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Collecting funds [Domestika] Digital Marketing Strategy: Build Your Online Presence

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Meet Alice, learn about her passion for content and creativity, as well as the people who have influenced her professional career. Discover what she has prepared for you in this course before delving into the practical side of the content.
Start by defining the end-goal of your online marketing strategy. Move onto the basics of a digital strategy and learn how to create one for your business. Understand the role of each platform and explore how they can work together to grow your business.
Work on the three most important elements for your strategy: purpose, value, and frequency. Then apply them to your website. Explore popular social media platforms and determine the right ones for your business by understanding how to leverage the potential of each. Learn about long-form content, and analyze whether video, podcasts, or blog articles are relevant to your online strategy.
Next, it’s time to bring all the elements of your strategy together. Learn how to define your visuals and tone of voice to create a consistent online presence. Finally, see how to use metrics to develop and improve your strategy over time.

What is this course's project?
Create a value-driven digital marketing strategy for your online business.